Climate & Environment

The AXA Research Fund is committed to addressing the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.


Making climate and environmental a priority, the AXA Research Fund has supported over 246 projects addressing key challenges in this field.

Artificial Intelligence

City Resilience

Climate & Environmental Pollution

Climate Change



Environmental Pollution

Extreme Weather Events

Financial & Social Inclusion

Food & Nutrition

Marine Biodiversity

Natural Catastrophes

Pandemics & Infectious diseases

Pollution & Health

Space & Planetery

Terresterial Biodiversity

Funded projects

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The AXA Research Fund is committed to contributing to better health for all. We support scientific research in the areas of demographics, longevity, and aging, infectious diseases & epidemics, chronic & non-communicable diseases, mental health, well-being and prevention.
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Socio-economy & New Tech

Socio-economy & New Tech

The AXA Research Fund is committed to supporting social and economic progress through transformative research in new technologies and their effects on society, behavioral economics, cyber risk, economic and social inclusion, financial and geopolitical risk, and social & financial inclusion.
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