The AXA Research Fund commits €1M to scientific research dedicated to women’s health


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Last May, the AXA Research Fund issued a call for projects dedicated to women’s health issues and women’s access to healthcare. For International Women’s Rights Day on March 8th, the Fund reveals the 8 selected projects.

Women’s health: major needs remain to be covered

Women’s health is a growing concern in many countries. Despite undeniable progress in health care over recent decades, women around the world face many disparities when it comes to health conditions and access to healthcare. Those inequalities might be linked to gender differences (pregnancy or childbirth-related diseases for instance), social disparities (healthcare access, education) or stereotypes. Women also tend to live longer on average than men, and hence develop more illness and disability towards the end of their longer lives.

Participating in improving health access and quality of care is a priority for AXA, as is the promotion of women in society. Convinced that scientific research is key in helping improve women’s health conditions through adapted healthcare, the AXA Research Fund issued a call for transdisciplinary research on women’s health, with a total commitment of €1M.

Eight international researchers

For this call for projects, 39 applications were submitted from top tier universities in 17 countries. 8 innovative projects have been selected for a funding of €125 000 euros each over 2 years.

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Fellowship grants for young researchers

The AXA Research Fund’s mission is to fund top-tier scientific research and to share scientific knowledge to better respond to the major challenges and opportunities our societies face today. The Fund supports academic projects the world over, in the fields of Health, Climate and Environment, New Technology and Socio-Economy.

AXA Fellowships are one of the types of grants provided by the Fund. They aim at supporting promising researchers (max. PhD+5) whose project is aligned with AXA’s corporate responsibility and strategic priorities. The AXA Research Fund grants aim to be transformative for the researcher and the advancement of their career.

Nanotechnology: a portable device against cervical cancer

Dr. Serap AKSU

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Towards timely and quality access to emergency obstetric care in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Aduragbemi BANKE-THOMAS

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Improving maternal health by reducing pregnancy-related low back pain


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Domestic violence against women: giving friends and relatives the keys to help

Dr. Alison GREGORY

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Setting girls on a healthy diet trajectory from an early age

Dr. Megan JARMAN

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Dr. Michelle LAVIN - bleeding disorders

Dr. Michelle LAVIN

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Towards healthier culinary practices among overweight and obese Ghanaian women


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A promising new strategy to treat osteoporosis


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