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Domestic violence against women: giving friends and relatives the keys to help

Project starting date: 08/31/2019

Positive support from “informal supporters” (friends, family members, neighbours, or colleagues) can be vital for women who are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, but most of us have little idea what advice to give in such situations.


The aim of Dr. Alison Gregory’s project at Bristol University was to establish the resources needed by informal supporters, in order to equip them to provide valuable support to women experiencing domestic abuse. Dr. Gregory found that a resource that combined accessible information about domestic violence and abuse with practical advice and acknowledgement of emotional impacts was most needed. As a result, she has developed an online resource (due to be published by the end of the year) that includes information about what domestic violence and abuse is, who it can happen to, how dangerous it can be, and what the common impacts are. It also includes practical advice about what people might notice in situations of domestic violence and abuse, how to sensitively ask questions, and how to listen and respond well – including the all-important “what to say” and “what not to say.”

Domestic abuse: how to help someone you think might be at risk

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