Insurance : enabling resilience for Cities Pr. Deborah Balk

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Resilient Cities | Insurance : enabling resilience for Cities

Ep#5 | AXA Research Fund

Understanding the impact population growth is having on cities, the vulnerabilities they face and how through research we can help build resilient cities, in partnership with National Geographic. 

In the next 35 years, India's urban population is predicted to grow by over 400m China's by over 300m and in Nigeria by approximately 250m. 

Cities are at constant risk of flooding, earthquakes and air pollution. It is of vital importance to understand these risks and why they are growing. 

In this film we talk to Prof. Deborah Balk (City University of New York) who is working with the AXA Research Fund, to understand city growth and their vulnerabilities to help understand which areas are most at risk to natural or man-man hazards and events. Prof. Balk exchange her expertise with Corinne Vitrac an insurance specialist at AXA.

Data supports the view that land will become scarcer in the future. Land is under pressure due to climate and population change. 

It is now important to work with cities to evaluate risk, put in place some prevention measures and insurance solutions and support the resilience of cities.