Air Pollution: Exploring the Impact on Health Dr. Fulvio Amato

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Resilient Cities | Air Pollution: Exploring the Impact on Health 

Ep#3 | AXA Research Fund

Exploring the impact of air pollution of human health to help build resilient cities, in partnership with National Geographic. 

7.7m people die each year due to air pollution!

It is thought that over 200billion dollars are lost every year in the economy because of pollution

There is data to support the rise in cancers diagnosed in certain cites of the world which a like to be linked to air pollution. 

In this film we talk to Dr Fulvio Amato (IDAEA-CSIC) whose research, supported by the AXA Research Fund, looks at developing measure to improve air quality for cities. His research breaks down the origins of the pollution and helping to understand the difference in air quality a varying distances from sources of pollution. Dr Amato exchange his expertise with Jean Kramarz an heath specialist at AXA.

In practice he shows that moving the position of a bike lane by 10m away from a road could reduce pollution levels by as much as 50% making it safer and healthier for the cyclists.