Why Your Phone Shouldn’t Cost the Earth? Pr. Kerry Edward Sieh

    Climate & Environment


1min | Video

Mining the components that go into our smartphones is adding to the likelihood of earthquakes.

In the final episode of this series of the AXA Research Files, science presenter Greg Foot travels to the mountains of California and uncovers how the mining of the rare earth minerals that go into our mobile phones and tablets adds to the human activity that increases the chance of earthquakes.

Along the way, Greg meets AXA-supported researchers Kerry Sieh at Nanyang Technological University, Thomas Chartier at l’Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) and Georgios Michas at the School of Applied Science Technological Educational Institute of Crete, to find out more.

We talked to Kerry Sieh in more detail about his research.
You can find that video here.