It's a Risky Life Ep#6 Pr. David Rios

    Socio-economy & New Tech


2mins | Video

Discover the 6th Episode of It's a Risky Life !

A series that help you make decisions involving risk from a mathematical perspective

  • It’s a risky life! is a series of videos available on YouTube that will explain concepts of probability and uncertainty, decision-making under conditions of risk and the role of insurance. 
  •  The tone is informative and entertaining, the content is aimed at everyone and sets challenges with a prize to be won at the end.
  •  The initiative is spearheaded by AXA Research Fund in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CSIC-ICMAT) and the Fundación General CSIC.

Everyone has trouble making decisions; more so when confronted with a situation involving some level of risk. In such cases, intuition is not always the best tool. But mathematics IS. It's a risky life! is a series of videos that take a humorous look at essential mathematical concepts associated with risk and its influence on modern society. They will explain the notion of risk in our day-to-day lives in an informative and entertaining way, covering topics such as security, decision-making, uncertainty and risk aversion.

This project, spearheaded by AXA Research Fund, the AXA Group's global scientific philanthropy initiative, directed by Filmociencia and produced by the ICMAT communication unit, is part of the AXA Permanent Chair in Adverse Risk Analysis, which is structured around a collaboration between CISC (higher council for scientific research), ICMAT and the Fundación General CSIC. The videos are presented by the Chair holder, Professor David Ríos, a researcher at ICMAT and a permanent academician at the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences.