Earthquakes: Exploring Early Warning Systems Pr. Lunio Lervolino

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Resilient Cities | Earthquakes: Exploring Early Warning Systems 

Ep#4 | AXA Research Fund

Exploring how early warning systems can help in cities situated on active earthquake areas can help build resilient cities, in partnership with National Geographic. 

15 of the worlds largest cities are situated in earthquake active areas.

There have been more that 850,000 casualties as a result of earthquakes and their related effects in the last 35 years, costing the global economy over $750 billion.

Whilst new building design is built to withstand earthquakes we must still look at the vulnerability of existing buildings. 

You cannot prevent the damage caused earthquakes, but we can reduce it and more importantly reduce the number of casualties that arise because it. 

This film talks to Prof. Iunio Iervolino (University of Naples Federico II) who, with the support of the AXA, is looking at developing early warnings systems for earthquakes, detecting in them real-time and alerting communities and cities at risk, helping to reduce casualties and damage. Prof. Iervolino exchange his expertise with Fabio Petruzzelli an earthquake specialist at AXA.