A Grain in the Climate System: The Emerging Threat of Sand and Dust Storms

    Climate & Environment


1min | Event

Over the last decade, scientists have discovered that dust and sand storms pose a serious threat to human health, the environment, and socio-economic sectors. While they are part of the Earth’s natural cycles, human activity and climate change have intensified their frequency and intensity.

Prof. Carlos Pérez Garcia-Pando, AXA Research Fund Chair at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and ICREA, works on improving our understanding of the causes of sand and dust storms and their consequences.

Discover the latest knowledge on predicting them and reducing their impact in the discussion moderated by Dr. Christelle Castet, Climatologist at AXA Climate.

Watch the replay of the latest discussion organized by the AXA Research Fund in collaboration with AXA Climate, an immersive journey into climate change topics and deep dives into research projects with leading experts.