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Centre for Global Finance Seminar Series

Prof. Victor Murinde

full programme available here

The Centre for Global Finance Seminar Series provides a platform for speakers to present their work to an audience of fellow academics and students of Finance and Management. These seminars are open to members of SOAS and the wider academic community.

The seminars are supported by three research projects and programme:

  1. AXA Chair in Global Finance research programme hold by Professor Murinde and supported by the AXA Research Fund ;
  2. The DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme (DEGRP) Call 3 under research grant ESRC Ref ES/N013344/2; and
  3. The ESRC-NSFC research project, ESRC Ref  ES/P005241/1

Seminars are normally held on Wednesdays at 13:00 -15:00 in SOAS University of London. The venue for each seminar is stated here on the CGF website

Centre for Global Finance (CGF) Seminar Series

full schedule of the weekly seminars, for the academic year 2018/2019

  1. 26/09/2018Diversification strategies in banking: like lemmings falling off a cliff Gerhard Kling

  2. 03/10/2018Financial Technologies Paving a Bright New Path For the World’s Unbanked Population Victor Murinde

  3. 10/10/2018Subtle is the Lord, but malicious He is not: the calculation of abnormal stock returns in applied research Mark Tipett

  4. 17/10/2018It's the macroeconomy stupid! Not the banks Ciaran Driver

  5. 24/10/2018Pan-African Banks on the Rise: Does Cross-Border Banking Increase Firm's Access to Finance in WAEMU? Desire Kanga

  6. 31/10/2018Financial Inclusion and Risks Ayse Demir

  7. 14/11/2018The Power of Networks: Evidence from the UK Hisham Farag

  8. 21/11/2018TBC Andreas Hoepner

  9. 28/11/2018Chinese bank efficiency Jacob Schumacher

  10. 05/12/2018Regulatory Policy-Making in Emergent Industries: The Rise of Decentralized Cryptocurrencies (2009-2018) Alberto Asquer

  11. 12/12/2018Inventory investment and the choice of financing in China: Does city-level financial development play a role? Alessandra Guariglia

  12. 09/01/2019Financial Inclusion, Financial Diversity and Institutional Quality Christine Oughton

  13. 16/01/2019TBC Sumon Bhaumik

  14. 23/01/2019Cross-border banking, credits cycles, commodities prices and effectiveness of macro prudential policies Francois Bationo

  15. 30/01/2019Intertemporal Consumption and the Measurement of Inflation: A Dynamic Inertial Price Index Pasquale Scaramozzino

  16. 06/02/2019Headquarters Relocation, Advanced Producer Services and Firm Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms Hong Bo

  17. 20/02/2019Reappraisal of debt sustainability and development nexus Machiko Nissanke

  18. 27/02/2019Market Crashes and the Capital Asset Pricing Model Chris Adcock

  19. 06/03/2019Uptake and impact of Islamic savings accounts in Pakistan Robert Lensink

  20. 13/03/2019Lessons of capital account management from emerging economies for African low income countries Stephany J. Griffith-Jones

  21. 20/03/2019The Fear of the Queen: Directors' Reputation and Earnings Quality Tolulola Lawal

  22. 01/05/2019Congestion Externality and Autonomous Vehicles Alberto Izzozi

  23. 08/05/2019The structure of trust in the UK and China Meng Xie

  24. 13/05/2019TBC Laurence Harris

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Prof. Victor Murinde

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Prof. Victor Murinde

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