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Call for Proposals

New Call for Proposals on ocean, marine biodiversity and conflict prevention


At AXA, we believe that research holds the key to help build a better environment. For 10 years, the AXA Research Fund has been supporting more than 200 projects related to environmental issues. In November 2018, we are launching a new call for proposals that will seek to support research around ocean, marine biodiversity and related environmental, economic, social, geopolitical, legal and/or technological issues.

The Ocean covers 70 percent of our planet and contains 80% of life that can be found on Earth, making it the largest repository of biodiversity. It provides priceless natural capital, Earth system services and products on which humankind depends. Often seen as inexhaustible, the Ocean and the biodiversity it hosts are, however, not immune to anthropogenically-driven climate change, plastic pollution, overfishing and other threats.  

The interactions between these environmental pressures and their cumulative effects are seriously jeopardizing the vital life-support role of the ocean[1], leading to issues including more severe extreme weather events, threat to food security, animal and human health, tourism, population displacement and geopolitical tensions. These impacts are already occurring and will be difficult to reverse.

We believe that research is crucial to better understand the interlinkages between ocean health and stable economies, conflict prevention and sustained ecosystem functioning.

This call for proposals aims at selecting and further supporting up to 6 innovative Postdoctoral Fellowships in the area of marine biodiversity. It is intended to improve scientific knowledge around marine biodiversity and the related environmental, economic, social, geopolitical, legal and/or technological issues.

[1] Amanda P. Jaksha, Biodiversity in the Ocean, National Geographic

Credits : Jimmy Chang

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