Because science is at the heart of human progress

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We seek to address the most important issues facing our society and our planet by funding transformative research, disseminating findings and promoting collaboration among relevant stakeholders.

Accelerating research around three major fields

In line with AXA’s purpose to act for human progress by protecting what matters, the AXA Research Fund’s support is directed towards accelerating research around risk in the areas of health, climate & environment, and socio-economy & new technologies.



The AXA Research Fund is committed to contributing to better health for all. We support scientific research in the areas of demographics, longevity, and aging, infectious diseases & epidemics, chronic & non-communicable diseases, mental health, well-being and prevention.
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Climate & Environment

Climate & Environment

The AXA Research Fund is committed to addressing the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. We support scientific research in the areas of climate change, adaptation, biodiversity & natural capital, natural catastrophes, sustainable finance and more.
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Socio-economy & New Tech

Socio-economy & New Tech

The AXA Research Fund is committed to supporting social and economic progress through transformative research in new technologies and their effects on society, behavioral economics, cyber risk, economic and social inclusion, financial and geopolitical risk, and social & financial inclusion.
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Get access to best-in-class research insights from our scientific community.

Over 200 articles, masterclasses, and additional resources in key risk-related areas. 

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Fund your research

The AXA Research Fund provides two main grant types

AXA Chairs

The AXA Chair is a highly selective funding scheme for senior researchers intended to support significant advancements in the development of a research area within a host institution that is in line with its long-term strategy. It aims at creating a full-time academic position in the host institution and fostering a step change in the career of the appointed AXA Professor.

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Duration : 5 years
Amount : 200.000€ per annum
Profile : PhD +10 minimum

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

The AXA Fellowship is a funding scheme aimed at supporting young promising researchers on a priority topic aligned with AXA and the Society.

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Duration : 2 years
Amount : 140.000€ over 2 years
Profile : PHD +5 maximum

Moreover, to provide ongoing support for scholars at all stages of their career, the AXA Research Fund has established additional initiatives, which are accessible subject to specific criteria. 

Joint Research Initiatives (JRIs)

AXA JRIs are developed jointly by senior researchers and AXA teams to study the insurance-related issues that are also of academic interest. The AXA Research Fund plays an important role in connecting endorsed researchers with AXA teams for a two-way collaboration. 

AXA Awards

AXA Awards are a way to recognize a researcher for their transformative contribution to a research field and their potential to carry out groundbreaking science in a key risk area. Awards are on a nomination basis and dedicated to mid-career academics. 

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