The Science of ageing Pr. Tom Kirkwood, Pr. Harald Hampel, Pr. Miia Kivipelto



1min | Event

Will we be old and healthy?

Longevity is increasing and that's great news. Yet, how can society face the challenge of an ageing population, with increased risks of Alzheimer's disease, dependency issues, and the costs they all imply?

Pr Tom Kirkwood, Dean of Ageing and Director of the Changing Age Initiative at Newcastle University, President of the AXA Research Fund's Scientific Board, Pr Harald Hampel, Holder of the AXA-UPMC Chair on Alzheimer’s disease, and Pr Miia Kivipelto, from Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm), recipient of an AXA Award on the role of lifestyle in cognitive and everyday functioning at older ages, give research tips on staying healthy over 80 -and tell you about ageing research needs.

"The Science of Ageing", a cartoon with L'Express, Chercheurs d'Actu @chercheursdactu.