How Can You Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life? Dr. Sabine Langie



1min | Video

Taking the best possible care of our children, both before and after they’re born, will give them the best hope for a healthy life.

In this episode of the AXA Research Files, science presenter Greg Foot travels to Antwerp, Belgium to meet AXA-supported researcher, Sabine Langie at VITO (the Flemish Institute for Technological Research) to find out how the urban environment (particularly air pollution, but also diet and lifestyle choices) affects unborn and new-born babies.

Greg also chats to Nadia Chanzu at the University of Cape Town, another AXA-supported researcher, who’s looking into improving the health of pregnant women and aiming to reduce the incidence of preterm births.

Greg highlights the importance of the first 1000 days to giving your baby the best start in life. This period starts at the point of conception with the baby’s nine months in the womb and continues until their second birthday.

We talk to Sabine Langie in more detail about her research. You can find that video here.

For more information about the environmental exposures to unborn children, watch our video here.