Dr Anne Boring's interview: Breaking down gender barriers

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We met with Dr Anne Boring, holder of the Women in Business chair at SciencesPo Paris and supported by AXA, to discuss what is really holding women back when it comes to entrepreneurship and leadership. 

Dr Anne Boring recently started her work at Sciences Po Paris to understand the root causes behind the lower rates of female entrepreneurship or why there are so few women sitting at company boards of top companies. “We need to change the idea that it’s women’s fault if they don’t get equal treatment", she asserts, explaining that the usual advice given to women (learn to negotiate, be more assertive…) is rooted more in stereotypes than in evidence.

In this video interview, she explains why urgent action is needed to bring forth gender equality, and how her research program at Sciences Po aims to offer insights on why fewer women take up leadership or entrepreneurship roles, and what skills would we need to teach women to bridge the gap.

Dr Anne Boring

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