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To Transplant or to Rebuild : how consumers of emerging markets Interpret the Meanings of Global Brands ?

Zhuohao is currently a doctoral researcher at the Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Professor Qing Wang. Prior to joining the WBS Doctoral Programme in September 2008, he was a case researcher at the Case Study Centre of the School of Management at Fudan University (Shanghai, China), where he earned both a Master's degree in Business Studies and a Bachelor's degree with Honours in Marketing.
Zhuohao's doctoral research is sponsored by the AXA Research Fund and the UK/China Scholarship Council. He is member of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and the China Marketing Association (CMA). His research has been published by leading marketing conferences such as the Conference for Advances in Consumer Research, as well as in top Chinese journals in business and marketing research. He was the first recipient of the AXA Research Fellowship from the University of Warwick, the youngest recipient of the CMA Annual Best Paper Award (2006), and also a recipient of the JMS Conference Best Paper Award (2007), as well as the Best Master's Dissertation Award (2008), etc.
Zhuohao's research interests focus on branding strategy and brand marketing from the perspective of consumer psychology and behaviour. His recent research topics involve the affect of the transfer process on consumers’ brand extension evaluations, the role of brand personality and self-connection in the brand extension strategy, and the evolution of consumer brand knowledge of global brands in emerging markets. Empirical methods, such as psychological laboratory experiments, field surveys, structural modelling and neuroimaging techniques (e.g., fMRI), are widely used in his research.

What has your AXA fellowship brought you?

I was fortunate to be awarded the AXA Fellowship in 2008 when the AXA Research Fund first launched its scholarships. The AXA Fellowship not only provides me with generous scholarships and research funding, but it also offers various opportunities to meet colleagues with similar research interests, namely through the AXA Talent Days. The Fellowship also provides extensive support for my research, including assistance for data collection.

Could you describe your experiences with the AXA Research Fund community?

The AXA Research Fund staff is a friendly and professional community. Staff members are active, efficient and always ready to help. During the process of confirming my trip to attend the AXA Talent Day, they kindly reminded me of every possible detail. Even more importantly, I was always greeted with a warm and sincere smile whenever I met with members of the AXA Research Fund staff. This is a reflection of the organisation’s culture.
AXA researchers are also very impressive. They are without a doubt the most intelligent and promising doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in their areas. In fact, through the AXA Talent Day, I have made plans to work in collaboration with another AXA scholar. The AXA Research Fund community is a proactive community that aims for academic excellence.

Can you briefly describe what your research project is about?

My research focuses on dealing with important issues concerning market evolution and consumer behaviour, particularly in emerging markets such as China and India. My current study investigates the affect of the transfer mechanism on consumers’ brand extension evaluations and the purchase decision-making process. Preliminary results indicate that a distinct brand personality triggers an emotional evaluation process, thereby reducing the psychological distance between the brand and consumers, and that the consumer’s self-esteem moderates this effect.
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