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Insurance modernity

With the exception of a few rare studies on modern maritime insurance, there is virtually no research on the role insurance has played in the process of internationalization and globalization. It is not until the mid-1990's that day-long study sessions, workshops and conferences began to be specifically devoted to insurance (United States, Japan, Germany, Spain and Switzerland). As for transnational dimensions and aspects related to the globalization of the economy, recent work on insurance, dominated by English-language studies, have now begun to broach the subject (cf. R. Pearson, P. Borscheid (ed.), Internationalization and Globalization of the Insurance Industry in the 19th and 20th centuries, Marburg, Philipps-University & Swiss Re Corporate History, 2007).
Dr. Dartevelle's work bears more precisely on the (political and juridical) conditions for the penetration and diffusion of insurance companies and groups into foreign markets as well as the (commercial and technical) obstacles to this process. These studies often account for the role of States in commercial matters, for the relations between public and private and for the development of a policy of social insurance, but their main center of interest is in the conditions for the normalization of insurance techniques, product innovation (contracts, rate establishment, payment) in relation to technological and economic conditions, who buys insurance against new risks, the commercial strategies of sales by branch, the forms of distribution in relation to the evolution of the standard of living in each country, etc.

Modernity of Insurance

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