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Insurance for building trust and enabling Big Data

Despite efforts of data administrative agencies (CNIL in France), and development of data protection legislation, the huge extension of personal data circulation is not under control. This concern is not shared by the public and every individual contributes to the flaws of the system through their own negligence so that we might face a “Fukushima of personal data”.
The project will redesign the conceptual framework of personal data by moving towards a deeper understanding of what the relationship to one’s data is constituted. Personal data must be considered as a/ flows and not stocks, b/ transactional and not personal, c/ distributed and not located, d/ embedded in specific social worlds and not general and e/ regulated and not owned.
The objective of this project is to study what could be the role of insurance products in enhancing trust while Big Data Technologies are expanding their reach. The project will address the complete set of conditions required for an insurance policy to enter the business of personal data by providing a guarantee on the quality of information systems using personal traces data.
The project aims at providing a full understanding of 1) risks related to data, 2) qualities and loopholes of insurance offers, social networks policies and CGU about personal data management, 3) perception of risk of the layman along with his/her experience related to personal data hazards, 4) controversy on privacy and personal data, 5) actors and stakeholders involved in the resolution of the dispute about privacy in the digital world.

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