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Between environmental change and societal transformation: the role of migration for risk management and docial resilience of moroccan smallholder oasis households

The purpose of Dr. Rademacher-Schulz's project is to enhance knowledge on the interlinkages between ongoing environmental/climatic change and societal transformation processes such as national and international development interventions, and the role migration plays in close cooperation with different Moroccan stakeholders.
From an actor-oriented perspective, local people’s efforts to enhance their household resilience through migration or other coping and adaptation strategies are in the focus of interest as they are embedded in wider national and international structures that to some extend shape their lives. Oases households in communities that are target to specific development interventions are compared to households in other communities who do not benefit from external interventions. One main research question is thus to examine the de facto impact of development projects on household risk management behavior, migration patterns and social resilience. The findings will provide new insights concerning the specific societal context and the needs of smallholder farming households. Moreover, the goal is to provide sound policy recommendations with regard to development program’s effects on local households’ resilience and adaptation strategies and how these could be improved.
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