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Macroenvironment influence on stem cell aging through circadian clock desynchronization

Stem cells are reserve cells that repair the tissues when they are damaged, like laying new bricks on a broken wall. Inside of them, the molecular machinery of the circadian clock coordinates their function.

Dr. Guiomar Solanas is one of the few scientists studying how the circadian clock progressively becomes uncoordinated in stem cells, shifting its accuracy as we age. Using transgenic mice models, molecular techniques and in-depth bioinformatics analysis, Dr. Solanas is trying to identify a stem cell aging signature associated with clock malfunction. Dr. Solanas also seeks to establish a possible link between clock phase shifting and caloric restriction, which is known to delay aging.

Finally, Dr. Solanas aims to identify the messages sent by the whole organism to the stem cells, how these cues are read and how they affect the functioning of the clock. The results of these studies could help us better understand the complex process of aging and how to age better.

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