Boosting the anti-tumoral properties of T lymphocytes via the CD28 costimulatory molecules

Our immune system defends us against external and internal threats. Among the natural bodyguards against internal threats such as cancer are the T-cells. Margot Cucchetti is studying how they help our bodies to defend themselves against cancer.
Our immune system defends us against external threats (bacteria and viruses) and internal threats (tumors). The immune response involves the action of several cells which communicate with each other to ensure our protection. Among these natural body guards are the T cells, which specifically fight against internal threats. Using innovative proteomics and genetic approaches, Margot Cucchetti is studying the complex series of molecular reactions that are involved in T-cell activation. She aims to understand how these pathways are closely regulated.
The results of her research will be an important step for developing strategies to target and enhance T-cell responses to tumors, thus helping our bodies to defend themselves against cancer. These studies will be of particular importance for developing vaccines for the aging population.

Your body can defend itself against cancer. It just needs a little help!

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