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Unveiling Geothermal Potential in European Volcanic Areas

The quest for sustainable and clean energy sources is imperative for our society's future, and geothermal energy holds promise as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Unlike solar and wind-based technologies, geothermal energy can operate continuously and does not pose long-term waste disposal challenges. However, harnessing geothermal energy requires a comprehensive understanding of potential resources and their underlying geological origins. 

Dr. Ekeabino Momoh's research project aims to assess the untapped geothermal potential of European volcanic regions with sustained, but slow volcanic output, such as the Massif Central in France and the Eifel in Germany. By unraveling the geological factors influencing these areas, Dr. Momoh seeks to provide valuable insights which could be useful to corporate and public decision-makers evaluating geothermal energy viability and the general public seeking to understand the energy potential of their regions. Historically, volcanic regions, like the Massif Central and the Eifel, are known for their high surface heat flow, often attributed to the presence of magma. However, the assessment of available geothermal resources requires a deeper analysis, considering factors such as the longevity of heat sources and the potential risks associated with volcanic activity. 

Leveraging on advanced numerical simulations, this project aims to shed light on the sparse volcanism, large-scale deformational processes, and geothermal resources in the selected European areas.

June 2024



Universite Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier





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