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Low Flows and Stream Temperature: Towards an Integrated and Uncalibrated Model for Future Risk Assessment

This project seeks to understand the effects of vegetation (meadows, mixed forest, coniferous forest) on the hydrological dynamics of slopes, that is to say to better understand rainwater runoff according to the different types of vegetation present in the field. Indeed, topography, geology and soil quality play an important role in hydrological dynamics, but so does vegetation, by slowing down or accelerating the absorption and runoff of rainwater. However, the vegetation cover is very variable in space and time, which can therefore distort the models available to insurers and decision-makers.
By conducting controlled experiments that eliminate other possible explanatory factors on three types of vegetation cover, this project seeks to understand the exact role of vegetation in hydrologic dynamics. The goal is to develop more accurate predictive models to better anticipate the consequences of heavy rainfall, such as floods.

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