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Green-Hydrogen from Agroindustry Waste

Dr. Díez Sarabia's project aims to generate hydrogen as a green and renewable energy source by using agroindustry wastes as raw materials for the synthesis of catalysts for water splitting, promoting a circular economy approach and reducing the environmental impact of waste.

The exponential population growth has increased the demand for new energy sources. Hydrogen is proposed as a green and renewable energy source due to its high energy density and lack of harmful by-products.

Dr. Diez Sarabia’s research project aims to valorize agroindustry wastes through thermal treatments for the synthesis of water splitting catalysts. Water-splitting catalysts are materials that can make quicker and more energetically efficient the process of splitting water into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2), being the latter a convenient renewable energy source. To create these catalysts, the waste will be heated to generate biochar and hydrochars, which are types of charcoal made from plant matter. These materials can then be used to make the catalysts. This approach promotes a circular economy, turning waste into a valuable resource for green energy.

The catalysts will be located on electrodes in (photo)-electrochemical water splitting reactors, promoting the generation of H2 and O2. The project aims to improve the performance of these green catalysts through the optimization of the synthesis process and the addition of metal-free compounds.

Dr. Diez Sarabia’s research will contribute to mitigate climate change by easing transition to renewable energy sources, promoting sustainable development, stimulating economic growth, and enhancing energy security. It will also promote social inclusivity by offering decentralized and community-based solutions, enabling individuals and communities to generate their own clean energy and reduce energy poverty.

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