Vigi-Sore – Conception of a technological device for the reduction or compensation of motor or mental handicap

Petra hlavackova

Nationality Czech

Year of selection 2010

Institution Fondation Garches / CNRS

Country France

Risk Health

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1 year

60000 €

A digital bodyguard

Wheelchair users stay in the same position all day long, which is not without consequences. One of the most dreaded complications is pressure sores, due to prolonged overpressure between the body and the wheelchair. Dr. Petra Hlavacková participated in designing “Vigi-Sore,” a technological device that detects and locates areas of excessive pressure on the buttocks. It may provide relief for people suffering from pressure sores, and hospital stays could be reduced. Prevention would therefore also be a cure for the economy.
This researcher is also supported by the Garches Foundation.

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