Strategic Customers in public-service systems subject to uncertainty and congestion: Equilibrium Analysis

Athanasia manou

Nationality Greek

Year of selection 2014

Institution KOC University

Country Turkey

Risk Socio-Economics

Post-Doctoral Fellowship

2 years

Public-service systems aim at providing high-quality service under very strict budget limitations and regulations. The scarcity of resources together with the large volume of demand typically causes congestion in these systems. Risks associated with congestion in public-service systems include monetary losses, poor service quality, and shortcomings in fulfilling societal goals such as equality and fairness. Many of these socio-economic risks are borne by the whole public rather than single individuals.
Dr. Manou's project intends to analyze both the individual and collective behavior in these systems involving several strategic stakeholders, to evaluate and suggest policies with respect to risk-sensitive performance measures. Serving in batches necessitates specific queueing models while adjusting performance criteria to model risk attitudes requires new computational techniques. After developing these models and the techniques to handle them, the project will address the effects of centralization and decentralization in public-service systems.

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