Who can apply?
  • Our project calls are open globally.
  • Hospitals, foundations, NGOs, governmental bodies, independent research centers, cultural institutions (museums) are not eligible for AXA funding.


What is an expression of interest?
  • To express their intention to participate in AXA project calls, Institutions shall submit details about the candidate (name, birth date, PhD date) and about the research project (title, 3000 characters description including spaces) through our online application platform.
  • Only the operational contact of an Institution has access to the application platform.

How to write an AXA Research Fund grant application?

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How many times can an Institution apply?
  • For AXA Chairs, the Institution shall choose one of our two annual campaigns to apply. Unsuccessful Institutions will not be able to re-apply for the same candidate or research program.
  • For AXA Fellowships, Institutions can apply for each project call.
Who assesses applications?
  • The AXA Research Fund team will first check the eligibility of your request. Applications are then assessed by a panel of independent experts. Our main partner for independent assessment is the European Science Foundation.
Who decides if applications get funded?
  • Following the first level of assessment, projects are submitted to our Scientific Board. The Scientific Board meets twice a year in Spring and Fall to make the final decision regarded selected applications.


How does the AXA Research Fund communicate on grant selection?
  • Our grantees will be informed by mail that they have been selected for an AXA grant.
My project was not funded and I would like an explanation
  • Whether or not a project is selected, the AXA Research Fund Team will reach out to the applicants and inform them of the status of their request.
How long do we have to accept the grant offer?
  • For AXA Fellowship grant: two weeks from the results’ announcement.
  • For AXA Chairs : a maximum of 6 months after the results’ announcement.  
How is agreement process initiated?
  • As soon as the grant is accepted, the AXA Research Fund will get in touch with Institution’s administration to start drafting the agreement.
When do research projects start?
  • Projects are expected to start at the latest one year after the results’ announcement. 

For any inquiries, please contact a team member.